Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Couples That Multiply Together, Stay Together

Our beloved Bachelor has come to an end and we leave this season with tears in our eyes, happy thoughts for the new couple, and excitement for a possible TV wedding that will soon air!  Because this was our favorite bachelor, we decided to go big on our finale party this year!  We chowed down on yummy snacks, filled every commercial break with non-stop comments, and laughed more than we even knew was possible!  We decided to have themed snacks that fit some of our past bachelorettes, some sweet and endearing, some  pee your pants hysterical!

On the menu tonight was:

Mix and Match Popcorn
(In honor of Sean's wonderful sister Shay Shull)

Goat's Milk Cheese Dip
(In honor of Des.  Even if the goat drinking didn't win Sean's heart, it won Americas!  
So happy she's the new Bachelorette!)

Fifty Shades of Tortilla Chips
(In honor of the drunk Fifty Shades Girl that bought herself a one way ticket home the first night)

Abandon-mint Issues
(In honor of AshLee.  Enough said)


Tierrably Delicious Butter Bars
(In honor of Tierra and all tierrable things that came with her)

Uncontrollable Eyebrow-nies
(In honor of Tierra once again, who sucked our attention at the raise of an eyebrow)

Sparkle Cider
(In honor of Tierra..... again.... who wouldn't let anyone steal her sparkle)

I Love the Beef
(In honor of our wonderful Catherine!  So glad our local Seattle girl won Sean's heart!)

Six Pack Water
(In honor of our hunky Bachelor who's love for the Lord and hot bod made for an easy watching season)

We had such a great time!  Cheers to Sean and Catherine finding true love, cheers to reality television entertaining us every Monday for many weeks, and cheers to great friends and great memories!

 Until next time...

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  1. Hi Shawna! Thank you so much for featuring one of my recipes! Your party theme is HILARIOUS! Super, super creative and really funny! Love it!

  2. Shay! Thanks for stopping by! We had such a blast being goofy and thinking of these silly snacks! Keep the recipes a comin' on your blog! Love to get all sorts of dinner and dessert ideas!